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A subscription to the print edition of The Glengarry News for one year at the home rate can be obtained for $60 (GST included) delivered within our local area, $80 (GST included) to other parts of Canada, and $230 (Canadian funds) to the USA.

A six-month subscription is $32.50 (GST included), $45 (GST included), and $120 respectively.

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Single issues of The News are available for $1.40 (GST included).

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View the digital edition In partnership with PressReader, a dynamic digital subscription service is available on your computer and through dedicated Glengarry News apps on your smartphone or tablet.

You can save money by subscribing to our digital online edition and have access at your convenience on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This version of our newspaper also makes it easier for those away from Glengarry to get The News in a timely fashion. And as a digital subscriber, you get The News first, as the edition is released online the evening before the print edition.

Handy features of the digital edition include the ability to zoom in on a single story and read the content in its entirety, even when the text flows from one page to another in our print edition. As well, the platform provides easier navigation and search tools so you can quickly find what you need.

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** As a bonus to digital subscribers on an annual subscription plan, your account also gives you access to our archives, from Jan. 1, 2015, onwards.

Special group pricing! Get three digital subscriptions for the price of two, $91. This is a great option for families. Send your post-secondary student away to school with access to The News! Contact us for more details.

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The Glengarry News has two apps available for smartphones and tablets, running Apple's iOS or Google's Android system. Both apps are free from Apple's App Store and Google Play.

  1. Our general app provides convenient access to our breaking news feeds, weather information, Facebook, and our Twitter feeds. There are also features for submitting photos, news, and questions to us.
  2. Our digital edition app allows digital subscribers to read all our publications in a convenient format on-the-go. This app provides access to limited free content, such as the supplements we publish through the year. A paid digital subscription account is required to access our weekly newspaper. Click here to subscribe. You can use the same digital subscription account to access our newspaper on your mobile device and computer.

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PressReaderAccess The Glengarry News with your PressReader account.

The Press Reader service is available online or via the PressReader app in the Apple App Store and Google Play. A paid monthly subscription to the service gives you unlimited access to The Glengarry News, including the ability to read each story individually, rather than on the page. You also get access to all other the titles offered by PressReader (thousands of publications from around the world), all for one monthly fee.

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Purchase from retailers

For those wishing to pick up a copy of The News at your favourite store, the following retailers have the county's newspaper available:


B&B Food Mart (167 Bishop Street, 613-525-2056)

Chartrand Your Independent Grocer (420 Main Street South, 613-525-0021)

Esso Alexandria (344 Main Street North, 613-525-5510)

Genuine Convenience (99 Main Street North, 613-525-1252)

Glengarry Memorial Hospital Tuck Shop (Hwy 43, 613-525-2222)

Jean Coutu Pharmacy (439 Main Street South, 613-525-3882)

Marc's Canteen (Hwy 34, 613-525-2024)

MacEwen Alexandria (470 Main Street South, 613-525-4580)

R&L's Book Nook (58 Main Street South, 613-525-9940)

Shoppers Drug Mart (320 Main Street South, 613-525-2525)

Alexandria Rural

Fassifern General Store (Hwy 34 North, 613-525-2144)


Patsy's Restaurant (County Road 43, 613-346-0375)

Apple Hill

AJK Corner Gas (18249 Hwy 43, 613-527-5261)


Curry Hill Truck Stop (6115 Fourth Line Road, 613-347-3324)

Sangster's General Store (6080 Third Line Road, 613-347-2554)

Brown House

Brown House (Hwy 34, 613-347-2583)


Carl's Smoke Shop (272 Pitt Street, 613-933-5988)

City Essentials (1030 McConnell Street, 613-932-9506)

Esso Boundary Road (6215 Boundary Road, 613-933-1414)

Gilles Quick Shop (1102 Cumberland Street, 613-937-0600)

Guindon Esso (1200 Marleau Street, 613-937-3770)

MacEwen Boundary Road (1400 Boundary Rd, 613-933-8048)

MacEwen (201 Second Street West, 613-933-4228)

McMillan Quick & Easy (35 Marlborough Street North, 613 -932-1719)

Mitchell's Store (3034 Pitt Street, 613-932-1933)

Pop Shoppe (101 Emma Street, 613-933-3157)

Shopper's Drug Mart (1 Water Street, Cornwall Square, 613-938-6060)

Shopper's Drug Mart (1380 2nd Street East, 613-937-0956)

Short Line Convenience (1300 Second Street West, 613-933-8500)

TAS (1001 Montreal Road, 613-936-8794)

TI Gilles Smoke Shop (606 Montreal Road, 613-938-6028)

Dalhousie, Quebec

Stephane Levac (165 Main Street, 450-269-2754)


Highland Esso (1515 County Road 20, 613-527-1026)


Aunt Mary's Convenience Store (40 Main Street, 613-984-2090)

Glen Robertson

Glen Road House (613-874-2888)

Glen Walter

Olco (Hwy 2 Glen Walter, 613-931-1430)

Green Valley

Basic Needs (4162 County Road 34, 613-525-3081)


Le Signet (300 Main Street West, 613-632-8912)

Shell Canada 235 McGill St.  613-632-0061


Best Impressions Family Discount Store (189 Military Road, 613-347-1158)

Esso Lancaster (On the Run) (6237 59th Ave., 613-347-2609)

MacEwen's 401 (Hwy 34 & 401, 613-347-3722)

St. Pierre Fuels / Shell (6069 County Road 34, 613-347-3407)


K-cee's (Main Street South, 613-528-4705)

Martintown Trading Post (18550 Dundas Street, 613-528-4736)


Debbie's Country Store (14 Main Street, 613-527-2800)

Scott's Convenience (3 Main St. North, 613-527-3120)


Monkland Mini Mart (Hwy 43, 613-346-2083)

Ranger Convenience (3456 Hwy 138 & 43, 613-346-0456)

Moose Creek

Provost General Store (Labrosse Street, 613 -538-2288)

Riviere Beaudette, Quebec

Depanneur l'Express (673 Chemin Frontiere, 450-269-2212)

St. Andrew's West

Cross Roads Convenience Store (Hwy 138 & King's Road, 613-936-0768)

MacEwen Petroleum (5756 Hwy 138, 613-933-0320)

St. Isidore

Les Beaux Freres (50 St. Catherine Street, 613-524-2952)

St. Isidore Valu Mart (215 St. Catherine Street, 613-524-2933)

St. Telesphore, Quebec

Depanneur Grenier (1017 Route 340, 450-269-2505)

Vankleek Hill

Depanneur Lalande (143 Main Street East, 613-678-6187)

Herbs C-Store (Exit 27, Hwy 34 & 417, 613-525-2120)

MacEwen Vankleek Hill (47 Queen Street)

Marche VKH Market Mike Dean Super Food (5666 Hwy 34, 613-678-6278)

(Proxim) VKH Pharmacy (28 Main St. East, 613-678-2201)


Macdonald Grocer (John Street & Bridge Street, 613-347-2770)